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How to get rid of the risk factors at your workplace with JHA safety

Out of all the things one can do to make their workplace safer, JHA safety is one of the most important. It’s a process in which employers identify what risks are present at work and take steps to prevent them from happening. Employers are legally required to perform this analysis for every new task that is introduced into the work environment, including any changes that might be made later on. The objective of this process is not only to eliminate risk factors but also to promote safety awareness among employees, so they know how best to handle these hazards before they happen. This way, no-one will ever have an accident on the job again due to something as simple as forgetting some necessary action or equipment needed for a certain task.

JHA Safety
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Some of the Most Common Hazards

-Slipping, tripping, falling due to slippery floors or wet areas on the ground. In order to prevent this from happening, employers should make sure that all floors are clean and dry with no liquids or other materials left behind. This way, employees will have a safe environment to walk around in when they get to work in the morning.

-Inhalation of hazardous fumes from chemicals used in certain tasks. For example, painting a room requires the use of paint thinners and solvents which can be harmful if ingested or inhaled in large doses. To avoid this hazard, there must be sufficient ventilation in the room where these chemicals are being used so the fumes do not accumulate and affect everyone in the area.

-Exposure to extreme temperature conditions because of lack of heating or cooling systems. Employers must make sure that these systems are installed somewhere near where employees work for maximum comfort while they’re on the job. This way, employees will be more efficient with their time and won’t have to worry about anything but their work while they’re at the office.

The list of hazards in every workplace is never-ending and the same goes for ways to prevent them from happening. Luckily, employees can help by reporting any safety hazards they might come across while on the job so these risks can be assessed and dealt with accordingly. By bettering one’s own work environment, companies can show that their priority is truly safety for employees and that happy workers are productive ones.

There are many different ways of doing a JHA safety analysis, but most service companies would already have a method they follow for this particular task. As long as employers make an effort to recognize any kind of hazard no matter how small, then they can rest assured that risk factors will never pose an issue for their employees again. The work that you do should not only benefit your company but also keep yourself safe while you’re there.

Job Hazard Analysis
Job Hazard Analysis



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