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The following ladder safety training tools will give you answers to many questions. If you are a serious worker, then you should read the below.

Is Ladder Safety Training Important?

Statistics show that almost 25% of people suffer fatal injuries after falling from ladders. Among these injured people 98% people are untrained. This means, without training, you have a high chance of falling from ladders.

Even, if you fall from above 5 feet of height, you may suffer deadly injuries. Hundreds of people every year die falling from heights. Hence, ladder safety training is crucial for workers. Here is a great video if your looking for some safety tips when using a ladder!


Is There a Government Guideline?

Yes, OSHA has issued a ladder safety guideline (1910.23). OSHA is a USA government department. So, you should abide by the OSHA ladder safety guidelines.

How Ladders Can Cause Injuries and Accidents?

Ladders can cause injuries in many ways. You should know the differences between a fixed ladder and a portable ladder.

Portable ladders should be kept on a flat and non-slippery surface. Moreover, you should maintain the right distance between the ladder and the wall. You should know – how to work on an extendable ladder!

You should inspect and maintain your ladders occasionally. A metal ladder may look strong. But you should never use it in a high-voltage area.

When climbing a ladder, you should hold it properly. Otherwise, you may lose your balance. Many workers climb on a ladder with a good amount of load. But you may lose your balance because of overloading, and you may fall.

Apart from that, you should lock your ladder and your ladder should have stable legs. So, you should use a ladder safely and carefully. Because you can cause injuries to yourself and other workers.

Ladder Safety Training
Ladder safety training for service industries

Can Ladders Break?

Yes, a ladder can break. Sometimes you don’t maintain your ladder and the ladder becomes weak. As a result, it can break, and it may cause accidents.

What Should You Do to Avoid Ladder Injuries at Work?

You should take good ladder safety training. ‘Expert Safety Services’ can provide you ladder safety training. This company follows OSHA safety training guidelines, and they are completely insured.

Ladder safety training has many rules. You should know all of them. ‘Expert Safety Services’ can train you online and in person. Moreover, they have expert and experienced trainers. That’s why you can learn helpful tips from them. So, reach them, join the training, and avoid unfortunate ladder accidents.

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