Osha Ladder Inspection

OSHA Ladder Safety Training

What Is OSHA Ladder Safety Training?

OSHA is under the USA government’s labor department. OSHA means – Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

They have observed that workers meet different types of accidents when using a ladder. To minimize the percentage of accidents, they have introduced OSHA ladder safety training.

How Ladder Safety Training Can Benefit Workers?

1) Avoid Injuries

You can’t use a ladder without checking its stability. Your ladder should stand on flat ground. Moreover, its distance from the wall should be maintained. Workers should know the right angle to make their portable ladders stand. Otherwise, they may fall, and they may get injured. So, they need training.

2) Avoid Accidents

Many workers don’t know the right load capacity of a ladder. A fixed ladder and a portable ladder have different load capacities.

For example – a fixed ladder’s step can withstand 250 pounds of weight. But a portable ladder may not tolerate such weight.

So, a worker should know the right load capacity before climbing the ladder. Only good training can teach them about a ladder’s load capacity.

Tips for Ladder safety
Tips for Ladder safety

3) Choose The Right Ladder

A ladder can be made of wood, plastic, or metal. But every ladder has its usage purpose. You can’t use a wooden ladder in the construction sector. Furthermore, the gap between a ladder’s steps should be considered. OSHA suggests the gap between the steps should be between 10 inches to 16 inches.

Apart from that, there are many ways to choose a good ladder. Training can inform workers the right ways to choose a ladder.

4) Know All the Safety Guidelines

A professional worker should always use great safety equipment to climb up a ladder. The height of a ladder matters most. A fixed ladder or a telescopic ladder may have a good height. In that case, you should know – how to climb up and down safely! Because, if you lose your balance, you can fall from the ladder. The training teaches you all the ways to climb a ladder safely.

5) Create A Safe Work Environment

You should never injure people around you. Hence, you should know – how to use a ladder safely! So, you should avoid wet floors and you should warn people to stay away from the worksite. Thus, the safety training gives you instructions to maintain a safe work environment.

OSHA Ladder safety
OSHA Ladder safety

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