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OSHA 1910.27- Scaffolds and Rope Descent Systems.

OSHA 1910.27- Scaffolds and Rope Descent Systems. In order to work on a construction site, install glass, and clean the windows on high altitude buildings, workers need to have access to the structure they are working on. This is often done by using scaffolds or rope descent systems. Under the OSHA 1910 guidelines, OSHA 1910.27

OSHA Rooftop Anchors Testing Requirements

OSHA 1910 Rooftop Anchor Testing Requirements

It is important for you to ensure that you are in full compliance with the OSHA 1910 rooftop anchor testing requirements. With this being the case, we realize that this process may seem a bit overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. That is why we provide some detailed information here for your consideration to help you